Laser Safety Goggles
Safety goggles specifically for the B-LAZE unit.

Laser Safety Goggles Product Image
Price: 74.99

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Rated to protect your eyes against the powerful laser in the B-LAZE unit. These goggles come in a hard case with a lanyard. Can be worn over prescription glasses.

  • Filters wavelengths: 200 – 532nm O.D 6+ V.L.T 50%
  • L-Rating: 315 - 532nm DIRM L5
  • CE certified

WARNING: You may find many alternative safety goggles, however due to the power of the laser used in the B-LAZE product only specific grades of goggles can provide sufficient protection. It is very important for your safety that you only use goggles tested and approved by Silicon Cali.