The original laserbong

B-LAZE Product Image


The LIMITED amount of 45 bongs are available for pre-order. You will receive:

  • a full functioning product that is part of our limited & numbered signature series (a run of 420 in total)
  • a protective case
  • range of accessories
  • 2 goggles (included in a single order)

The packages are hand assembled, electronics soldered, cases measured and laser cut, all in-house by the inventor and designer of the B-LAZE, lazerdabs himself.

Each unique glass piece is hand blown in the USA using german borosilicate by @santacruzglasspics.

Prototyping by @n3rdglass.

Please contact us regarding wholesale pricing for purchase of 3 or more pieces at a time.

Already have your B-LAZE? Download the app on android or iphone to use it!