Plasma Portal Lighter
The first rotating arc lighter
The Plasma Portal Lighter is the first and most safe rotating arc lighter. Limited pre-orders are already open, order yours here!
Plasma Portal Lighter colors
Rotating Arc Lighter colors
The original laserbong

Silicon Cali's flagship product is the B-LAZE LaserBong. We've created a unique and disruptive design utilizing the art of borosilicate glass and the latest in product technology and innovation.

  • a 2W, 445Nm frequency laser
  • induction charged with USB charging capability
  • interfaces via app with your smartphone
  • control bowl rotation, lights, settings, and laser activation
  • powered on by a turn key ignition

Please contact us regarding wholesale pricing for purchase of 3 or more pieces at a time.

Aperture warning Class 4 laser warning

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Silicon Cali is a Bay Area startup aiming to merge technology with the world of glass. While most industries have gone digital, glass pipes have instead grown in artistic value. We aim to splice interesting technology in with these creative pieces to create a unique smoking experience.